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Each year millions of people are victimized by violent crime. Many of these crimes were preventable. Through the civil justice system, victims and their families can pursue justice, improve public safety and obtain monetary compensation.

Attorneys associated with this web site can help you or a family member who has been the victim of a serious crime, potentially obtain monetary compensation. We can help you bring claims for money damages against any business or property owner that failed to provide adequate protection or we can bring a lawsuit against criminals with assets.

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Victim of a serious crime? Get help.
Criminal and Civil Law Systems
Understand the differences between criminal prosecution and the civil damage recovery process.
Who is Responsible?
Negligent parties may be liable for the injuries because they didn't stop the crime- but could have.
Types of Claims and Crimes
Violent crimes: Pursuing claims.
Civil Lawsuits: Process Overview
What claims does an injured victim have? How does it work?
Frequently Asked Questions
What we can do to help you.

Crime Victim Advocates
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Lawyers helping victims of violent crime recover monetary damages.
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